Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Sorry the above picture is a bit dark, I tried to lighten it but it didn't help. This is the side seam on my tunic. I used "Knitting in Plain English" to do this invisible seam. I know it is hard to tell from this picture, but you can't see the seam at all. It is done from the "public side" of the garment, just as the shoulder seams were done, using a little different method.

The above is a picture of the first seam that I did on the arm to the body of the sweater. This is where I was having so much difficulty. I could not understand the written instructions for doing it from the outside, as one edge was vertical and the other edge was a bound off. So I put it away for a while.

I talked with my Aunt about this and she said you seam from the inside. So the picture above is with the seam from the inside. Which was okay, but not as nice looking as I had hoped.

So I dragged out the book again and sat and read and re read. And finally, it clicked!

This is the shoulder seam, above, using the technique in the book and it produces a much smoother, invisible seam. I am sure that as I learn and practice, when I make piece items, that the seams will get much better.

And here is the completed sweater! The picture doesn't look that great, but it does fit! The length is good. I'm glad I took the three inches off the bottom. The 18 inch length sleeves are perfect for me, they come right to my wrist. And when I measured the finished item, it matches the measurements in the book, all except the length. So I am pretty pleased about that.

Then came the task of the ends. DH commented that that part was going to take me as long to do as the whole sweater. Which, it sure seemed like it, but I got it done. The whole process of learning and doing and redoing the seams, and doing the ends took the WHOLE day. Hours! Plus it was done between life happening and having to stop for this and that, but it did take hours.

Now today I will hand wash and block it.

I didn't get any knitting done yesterday on my knit top down sweater, but I did do alot of that on Sunday, so it is coming along nicely.

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