Thursday, September 20, 2007

Knitting News

Well a few days away and I really didn't get as much knitting done as I had hoped.

We stayed in Cape May, for the firemen's convention in Wildwood, for a few days and I thought I would get much more done.

Here is the progress on my Irish Hiking Scarf. I just have to bind off and that is one project I did get done. I really liked the pattern, it was easy to do, and easy to memorize.

I didn't work much at all on my Raglan Sleeve top down sweater while I was away. I wanted to check on the length. The directions say to knit 14 inches from the division, but I am short and I really didn't want that long of a sweater. So I have compared it to a favorite sweater that I do have and I have decided to begin the ribbing on it.

While away, I did start on the socks for the "I Love Garnsey" from the six sock KAL group. The yarn is Opal Petticoat in colorway 1294, however, when I was about 2 inches into the pattern, it really didn's show up well on the sock, so I ripped it all back and started again. I have decided that I will just do the pattern for the cable A four times around the sock and see how that comes out. I hope to be able to finish that off before the month is through. I don't know if it will count for the KAL since I will not be following the pattern exactly, but at least I will have finished socks for the SAM4KAL.

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