Monday, October 1, 2007

October begins!

Well here is my second pair of Bell-Lace wool ease socks. These are done in Patons Classic Wool in Denim colorway. I like this yarn alot, and will probably use it again once I see how it washes.

I learned a few things. The Wool Ease sock done in wheat on size 5 needles, fits Rachael, who has a size 8 foot. I wanted to make these for her as well, as I had thought I figured out the pattern, and when I had the first sock done, it actually knit up at a smaller gauge, so it fits me with a size 7 foot, and five extra rows. Both yarns say they are worsted. So it does make a difference.

As I say, you learn something new everyday.

Then, I also learned why my pattern didn't look the same as the one on the Easy Socks site thats because it's not the same pattern! The one I was supposed to do is called "Lacy Woolease Socks". So I will be doing a pair of the correct ones for this month!

I have begun another sweater. I really enjoyed doing the top down one, so I am now using some of the alpaca that I bought while I was in Cape May. I must knit at a tighter gauge because it is knitting up at sport weight, not worsted. But, that's okay, I like a tighter fabric. I love the softness of this yarn.

It is by Berroco, called Ultra Alpaca. It is colorway 6205, which I think is chocolate. I am not doing the same cable pattern though. It is hard to see yet and it will be a less defined cable than my last sweater, but I like the way it is coming out.

I am also trying something a bit different with the collar. I had read somewhere that if you wanted to sew down a collar to put a row of purl at the half way point and that makes a neater fold and a neater edge in appearance. I hope it works, if it doesn't, I don't think it looks to bad as it is. But I am all about learning something new.

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