Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Learning every day

Well, yesterday I spent some time learning new things about knitting.

Have you ever checked out ? I have used it on several occasions but I really spent some time on the site looking at the videos. What a nice website. Be sure to check it out and to share it with friends.

I learned how to roll a center pull ball of yarn from a hank. Remember that beautiful Alpaca I had gotten while in Cape May? Well, the first hank, I put around the tops of two of the diningroom chairs and just wound it into a ball. But, this makes it difficult while knitting, as it takes off on you if you aren't careful. So, last night, I would my first center pull ball and it worked great! You just have to remember not to wind too tightly, you don't want to stretch the yarn out as you are balling it up.

I started to work on the Lacey Wool Ease socks as a gift for Rachael, so I am only doing them when she isn't here. I am hoping to make a matching hat, and perhaps a scarf as well for her using the same yarn.

I have decided to not try to modify the "I Love Garnsey Socks" pattern from the Six Sock KAL from last month. The yarn I chose just doesn't work with the pattern, but I like the way the top ribbing and the K, P rows look, so I am just going to make a plain vanilla sock and call them my "Cape May" socks, as the colorway reminds me of the colors in our suite while we were there.

I keep debating on placing my order for yarn from I have heard alot of good things about their yarn, but I am a "touchy-feely" type of person and I like "seeing" it first. But I do need to order some things, so I might just as well do it and get it over with. sigh.....

I am going to make the Palindrom
hat and scarf for Jill for christmas in the Plymouth Galway that I bought. I thought the project looked good and would be an easy knit. Plus, I will probably also do a pair of socks for her and Edward. That was yarn I got at Fiber Arts Yarn Shop in Cape May as well.

What a lovely yarn shop. You can go the any day between 1 and 3 in the afternoon (I think that was the time) to knit and they will help you as they can. I can't wait to get back there to get more of the Alpaca.

While I was there I also bought some "Douceur et Soie" by Knit one Crochet too. It is a lace weight Mohair Silk blend. It will be my first Lace knitting project. I chose "In Love with Lace - Simply Sensational Scarf" by Eugen Beugler, sold by K1C2. They had one made up in the store and it just looked so yummy. I bought the colorways "camel" and "snow" and plan to make one for Aunt Bette, hopefully for Christmas.

I have all these projects in mind and it's October! Am I ever going to get them done? I try not to have too many going at once, but sometimes you just can't help it.

Well, I think I have talked enough about my knitting for today. Sorry no pictures.

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