Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stop and admire your work AND count!

I am just so excited about hand winding my own balls of yarn! I just had to show you. This is the second one I've done and it just looks so perfect. The first one I used went off without any problems. I hope this one will go as well.

Knit A Longs! Boy, am I going to be in trouble if I join too many. I had promised myself I would finish one small project before beginning the next...... that lasted about a month.

Here is the progress so far of my "Friday Harbor" sock, from Nancy Bush's book "Knitting on the Road." I had purchased the book, oh, probably in February and I joined the kotrkal on yahoogroups back then as well, but never got around to actually joining a kal sock they were knitting.

I say I want to learn everything and I want to knit it all. Well, to do that I have to keep learning, and believe me, this sock is "learning" me.

I have learned how to read a chart. Which really isn't that hard. I am glad the pattern is relatively simple and easy to memorize.

But COUNTING. Stopping and admiring your work and COUNTING are so important. If you loose your count and don't realize it, it is a bear to rip back to correct a mistake. Which this sock has a few as I got tired of ripping back. It's all about learning.

The yarn for this sock is Opal 6 ply in colorway 1452E, which I believe it Owl. I like the way it is coming along. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry. I hope the next one will be better.

Here is my Fingerless mitten. Which is another KAL I joined on Yahoo groups.... It is using the same lace pattern as the socks I made for the Easy Socks KAL, and these will match them. They will be a gift. I am happy with how they are coming along. It is a quick and easy knit.

Here is the progress on my top down raglan sleeve sweater. I have only been able to work on this in the evenings while I watch tv. It is coming along and I can't wait to have it finished as I have found several other sweaters that I want to knit.

I don't know how anyone gets any knitting done. With looking at blogs, WAITING for an invitation to Ravelry, and trying to blog and then to knit! That is why I have only been managing about 2 posts per week. I just can't squeeze it in if I want to knit.

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