Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things to remember

Spent some time in my old homestead yesterday. Last weekend while we were there, we heard machine running and running and couldn't quite figure out what that was all about.

Then, we remembered, my old elementary school had a fire the year or two before and had not been in use. The sounds and noises we heard were of our school being torn down.

I didn't have the heart to go then to say good bye, but this weekend, I thought I should.

Basically, there was nothing left but rubble and some machines loading more of the school into the trucks that were waiting.

This school was built in the 50's, after my parents built their house. They live about two blocks away, and at that time, there were no homes around the school. My parents could watch my brothers walk all the way to school and home from the kitchen window. By the time I came along, and was ready to attend 1st grade, many homes had been built and my mother walked me to and from school, every day.

I met and made some of my best, and life long friends at this school. Lisa Fernandez, whom I have lost touch with. Moody Malone, which we still have contact, Alissa Sherman, Stacey Beckner and lastly, Lori Stafford. We've all gone in our own directions in life, and gone in and out of each others' lives. But the friendships we had then, I think, are what shaped us to be who we are today.

There was a plaque on the wall inside the school, it was called Memorial school, because it was built as a memorial to all the "boys" from East Brunswick who died in the war. One of them was my Uncle Henry. His name was on that plaque and I can remember how proud I was as a kid that my family name was on a plaque in the school. Not really knowing what it was all about then, just glad that our name was up there.

I don't know what happened to the plaque, I can only hope that someone removed it and put it away somewhere safe. There were lots of "boys" names on that plaque.

I love trees. You don't see many REALLY, REALLY tall trees around anymore. Many have lost the great battle, either from mother nature, or from man. I decided it was time to record some of the trees that have been in my life forever.

These are just two of many in the cemetary where our family is. I don't know how tall they are, but they have been there forever, more than my 47 years. They are just magnificant to look at.

This is another picture I want to remember. This is my dad. He and I went to the cemetary to see my mother. I have been here hundreds of times, not just to see my mother, but many family members who have gone on. Dad has cared for all of them, in life, and now in death. Dad is going to be giving that job over to my brother and my cousin, so he doesn't go as often as he used to. It's something I was always remember about my father, his dedication to his family.

Here, to make this a knitting post, is my latest project (one of many), It's called the THINKING CAP. A very cute and well written pattern by one of the gals over on the Hats! Hats! Hats! list that I belong to.

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Jerry said...

I can empathize with your visiting. I enjoy visiting my old schools when I get a chance to go home. Thanks for reminding me of the good times in my past.