Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have some awesome friends!!

I just have to say I have some awesome friends. Last night at knitting, look what my friend Annie brought to me!!! Sock yarn for my blankie!!! And while we didn't actually talk about the yarn, I know atleast two of them are from her hand dyed yarns that she did.

The first shot is a better representation of the colors. I'm trying to learn how to use the different settings on my camera, so the below picture didn't come out as nicely, but I just love that she brought them to me! I can't wait to make the mini's out of them! And the SQUARES!!

Here are the 16 squares that I have done so far, hexagons rather. They have all of the first four colors used in different order. Last night at knitting I worked on the last few and then tucked in the ends that were sticking out.

Considering I only started them on Saturday, I'm not making bad progress with them.

So perhaps I will be done with making all the Hexagon's before November! That would be good.

These colors seem a bit dark, however, some of the next ones have a bit of lighter color in them and I am hoping it will help to lighten it up a bit.
The next issue will be HOW to place them in to a blanket shape...... hmmmmmmmmmm......


Annie said...

The orange-red-purple, the blue-red, and the light green are all dyed by me :D

I love the colors of your hexagon!

cmm said...

Thanks Annie.