Friday, November 2, 2007

Life gets in the way sometimes!

Well, I am not even sure when the last time was that I up dated. I just figured I would log on and get to work.

I have finished Rachels birthday gift of socks and fingerless mittens.

I have started on a pair of cable socks for Jill for christmas. I am going to do some fingerless mittens for her as well.

I have the Friday Harbor socks on hold at the moment, as I have to have undivided time to work on them because of the chart and being new to it. But I do think I have to the first repeat done on them. Did I mention I have ripped them out once already?

I am on the first sleeve of my raglan top down sweater in the alpaca, the brown one. It is still coming along nicely and I have gotten wonderful compliments on it when people see me knitting it.

I am trying not to start anything new until I get atleast the sweater and Jill's socks completed. It is already November and for how fast October went past, I won't get them done in time at this rate. I have to carve out some morning time before I truly begin my day to just work on them as I want to make some socks for Rose's kids for christmas as well.

I'm sorry there's no pictures at the moment.

Remember, always stop and admire your work!

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