Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stop and admire your work

In "Knitting in Plain English" by Maggie Righetti (and one day I will figure out how to do links and then I can link to the book. See she talks about being sure to stop and admire your work as you go. Don't be so hell bent on getting it done, but look at it to be sure that there are no mistakes, no grease spots or stains, no loose stitches, lost stitches. You get the idea.

Well, yesterday I was so proud of myself. I finished the first sleeve to my sweater. I even called my Aunt and told her "I have a sleeve." on her answering machine. Only one who knits could understand the statement and right now, she is the only person I know who knits. I called her when I completed my first sock and told her "I have a sock!".

Anyway, I finished my sleeve and began the next,,,,,, three times! I was working along on the ribbing and into the increases and stopped to look at my work, after about an hour or so, and saw that I had made a dreadful mistake at the beginning of the patterning row of ribbing... Now, this ribbing is my favorite part and I thought to myself I could live with it. This is just my learning sweater. So I knit for a while more. Stopped and looked at it again, and there staring at me is that "mistake". After a great amount of looking and sighing I decided to rip back all the work I had done because I knew it would bother me.

So, I begin again. This time, I stop and admire my work more often, to be sure there are no mistakes. I am learning the "blind stockinette stitch increase" for the purl increases. Instead of lifting the between stitch with the right needle from the back and place it on the left needle, you pick it up with the right needle from the front. THEN you don't get that little hole. So I am stopping and admiring my increases and thinking to myself that it looks good.

Then, then I take the time to look at my needles! They are the start needles. The size 7 that I was supposed to change when I got done with the ribbing! Hours! I had worked about three hours by now.

I had to rip it all back again! I wanted to cry. But I didn't. This isn't the first time I have done this or rather picked up the wrong size needle. With that pair of socks it was definitely a learning experience about measuring your bamboo size double pointed needles, BEFORE you begin to be sure you picked up the right set. sigh....

So, I went back to the ribbing, again and that is where I am starting from this morning.

I also decided last night, that for my next sweater, the raglan top down, I am going to use the Patons La Laine Superwash Merino Wool in color 6261, which is a blue/grey heather, that I picked up probably three or four years ago at "the Crabbe Reader" in Seymour, WI. Nice shop. Sure wish I had one like that here. Mrs. Crabbe is wonderful with her help choosing a yarn, knitting and with her selection of Used Books.

Anyway, I had purchased that yarn and had planned, back then, to use it for this sweater, so I will use it when I make it. I am not sure about the total ounces/yards though. I am fairly certain there will be enough to finish, but I also purchased a skein of the same brand, in color 6202, which is more of a blue, because I couldn't get anymore of the other. They were on close out. So I thought I could use the blue for the cuffs and the bottom ribbing if I need to. I imagine that is what is so wonderful about knitting from the top down. If you run out, you have options.

I looked at tons of blogs last night. It just amazes me how much information you can find when you read them. I'll learn this too, with time.

Have a great day.

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